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I am a Senior Lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire, which is now the seventh largest university in the UK, my department research group has an RAE rating of 4 (UK ratings are from 1 up to 5*) and it was listed in the Guardian in 2001 as amongst the top thirty world-wide for citations.

Current Lecturing at the University of Central Lancashire Includes:

  • Christianity, Science and History (this course won a Templeton prize)
  • Scientific Revolutions
  • Great Astronomers in History
  • The Nature and Philosophy of Science

university of central lancashire

Lecturing at the Nazarene Theological College as Associate Lecturer has included:

  • Christian Ethics


  • B.Sc(Econ) (London School of Economics (LSE)
  • M.Sc. (Theoretical Statistics and Scientific Method) (L.S.E.)
  • M.Sc. (History & Philosophy of Science) (London)
  • Phd (O.U.,: “Science, Methodology and Religion in the Work of Adam Sedgwick”)
  • M.A. in Holiness Theology (Nazarene College/Manchester University)

My PhD concerned the historical interaction of geology and religion, in particular focusing on Professor Adam Sedgwick, an evangelical Christian who was the Professor of Geology at Cambridge between 1818 and 1873, who did more than any other individual to establish the geological column.


I am a longstanding lay minister in the evangelical Free Methodist Church, and have represented the UK at General Conference. For sometime I was the UK spokesperson on moral and social issues, and have taught on the church based bible college courses on biblical interpretation and contemporary issues. I attend King's Church, Penwortham, where the minister is Geoff Williams.

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I have written/co-written a number of Christian books, including:

  • God’s Strategy in Human History (New Edition, Wipf & Stock 2000) with Roger Forster
  • Reason, Science and Faith (Monarch 1999, Wipf & Stock 2001) with Roger Forster
  • The Biblical Family (New edition on internet for “National Marriage Week” 2000)
  • God and the Family (Kingsway, 1983)
  • The Biblical Family (Cornerstone Books, 1980)
  • Christianity, Evidence and Truth (Monarch 1995) With Roger Forster
  • Reason and Faith (Monarch 1989) with Roger Forster
  • God’s Strategy in Human History (STL, Tyndale House, Highland, 1973, 1989) with Roger Forster
  • That’s a Good Question (Tyndale House 1973, 1977Coverdale) with Roger Forster
  • Yes But… (Victory Press, 1971) with Roger Forster

I have also written a number of academic papers on topics in the history of science and other issues.

Other Christian Involvement

I have spoken on science-faith issues at both Word Alive and Soul Survivor, as well as in conferences of Christians in Science and the American Scientific Affiliation.

I was a co-founder of, a science-faith website on Gospelcom, and have been Involved in the committee of Christians in Science (

christianity and science


I have been deliriously happily married to my wife Janice for rover 40 years. We have a married son and daughter and are blessed in that they are Christians and actively involved in churches.

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